Galactic DefendARs

Defend The Galaxy!

Strange aliens have invaded our world and began abducting people! The UFOs may seem small at first, but as you defeat more and more invaders they will get stronger! Play through the 25 mission story mode to find out what the aliens are up to and how you can stop this incoming invasion! It is up to you to defend the galaxy and repel this alien threat!

Blast UFO’s!

Use your device to detect alien UFOs and blast them! Use first person controls on your device to pilot your ship and tap the screen to fire at the incoming aliens! There are 4 different weapons to unlock! Each weapon can upgrade it’s capabilities as you collect resources from defeating invaders!

Evasive Maneuvers!

Use your phone to pilot your device! enemies will try to shoot back at you or ram into your ship and explode! Move your device around to dodge enemy bullets! The first few waves may seem easy, but when the alien invasion starts ramping up, it can get really hectic!

Upgrade Your Ship!

Unlock different power-ups by clearing out waves of UFO’s. Increase your reload speed, phase through enemy projectiles, or equip a super laser! There are many different power-ups for different play styles. Try to defeat as many waves as possible to earn a high score, then challenge your friends to beat it!

Defeat Challenging Bosses!

Bosses will challenge your dodging abilities and test your aim! Weave in between your barricades and try your best to take them down! Boss waves reward players with Boss Cores! These are used for powerful upgrades that make your ship super powerful!

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