Relic Hunt 3D

Discover and Rebuild Ancient Relics!

Explore interesting 3D environments and search for different Relics! Each level has one piece of an ancient Relic that needs to be found by completing the level. Once all of the pieces are found, there are still hidden gold and glyphs to find to restore the Relic to it’s original power! Relics are hidden through out the level in many different tricky ways! Challenge your brain and you eye and try to find them all!

Travel Through Time!

Each level focuses on a slice of time through history using different diorama type levels! Don’t worry, we have paused time while you are exploring! There are no time limits on any of the puzzles so you can take your time to look around the interesting and sometimes comical scenes while you are hunting for all these relics! Explore a castle under siege, a bustling tavern, a quiet library, and much more! More adventures are coming soon as well!

Play Using Tactile Controls!

Swipe on your device to rotate the environment around, then when you want to get a closer look at something, just tap on it to get a closer look! The camera intuitively moves depending on what object you are inspecting. Rotating around in a blacksmiths hut, panning up and down for bookshelf full of potions, or side to side when you need to look around on a table full of food!

Download Now!

Our game is now released for Android and iOS Devices! Download the game for FREE now by searching for Relic Hunt 3D or clicking the relevant link below!